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Decadent Chocolate Cakes

I had a fantastic time teaching this video course for It was shot in my own home kitchen, as you will see if you watch the promo clip. The Craftsy platform gives passionate teachers (that’s me) an opportunity to really teach and share in great detail, the things that we know best and love about our craft. For the student, it’s up close and personal, better than a front row seat in a cooking class. And, once you buy the course, it’s yours forever. Watch it over and over again at any time of day or night. You can ask questions—I answer them— or share photos and info and chat with other people taking the class. This course gives avid home cooks and even budding professionals the opportunity to learn and perfect skills at home.

Since my class went live in 2012, Craftsy has added more culinary courses taught by the best teachers in each field, many are my friends and colleagues. I am very pleased to be part of such a distinguished group.

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Here’s what students are saying about the class:

“Wow wow wow …Alice you knocked my socks off. Loved your class… Your presentation was so beautiful… I’m lost for words. Thank you Craftsy for the high caliber of instructors”….shlyd

“Awesome! Amazing class, clear notes and explanations… would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in baking with chocolate… Clear cut instructions and helpful hints by Alice make it totally worthwhile!”…Janani Sudharshan

“Priceless tips and easy to follow!”…TheCakestress

“I wanted a course where I can learn to improve my skills using chocolate and this course has delivered…I absolutely enjoyed every moment and every technique that Alice introduced me to…this course will take me further.”… Jedrick

“… an excellent instructor; style, content, and pace were spot on… Follow her recipes, and she will make you a star, and anyone eating your products will give you rave reviews”…pglcairns

“This class would benefit both the novice and the experienced baker alike. The instructions are clear, concise, and detailed, which optimizes success for each lesson, and the end result is gorgeous AND delicious… Aria Dawn

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Demonstration Classes

I teach in private cooking schools several times each year, mostly but not always, in California. This year, once again, I am so pleased to be teaching chocolate classes in partnership with my friends at Guittard Chocolate, the oldest family owned American chocolate company. Guittard Chocolate celebrates their 150th year in 2018!

For my schedule and links to classes, and to book a place in any other them, check events where, you will also find other appearances, events, demos, and talks.

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Private Classes

If you have a small group of colleagues or friends for whom you would like to book a private “custom” class in your own kitchen, or in mine, I can sometimes accommodate that. To explore this, email Alice!

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